Comparing and Ordering Numbers

Ordering Numbers Ordering numbers is putting the numbers least to greatest or greatest to

Least. Here is an example: 6,2,4,1,5,3. You can order those numbers from least to greatest 1,2,3,4,5,6. Do you get it now? So ordering is just finding the greater or least number in order form but greater than is just backwards.


Comparing Numbers

Comparing numbers is getting  two numbers and finding if it is less than greater than or equal to. It also means to determine whether two or more numbers or quantities are greater than ,less than or equal to. Ordering numbers is also getting your mixed up number and putting it in the right place if you don’t the whole number order will be messed up so you should always put it least to greatest or greatest to least depending on the what the question is asking for. I hope you understand now! It was hard for me at first but it got easier. Least to greatest greatest to least! USE IT!


By: Cooper Bridges

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